Please complete and return the following section of the contract to Woodredon Equestrian Centre prior to the arrival of your horse. This Contract is only valid if the proprietor has been consulted before completion and has agreed to your horse being accepted. By completing and signing this form you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above. Failure of you to adhere to the above conditions renders this contract invalid.

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We hope you and your horse are very happy here at Woodredon Equestrian Centre.
We are happy to help and assist you whenever we can.
We hope that you will follow the rules and guidelines set out by us, as these are in place to benefit all users on this yard.

Livery Terms, Rules and Conditions

1. All Livery customers are fully responsible for their own horse’s welfare, including thearrangement and payment of all farriers / dentist / vet visits etc.
2. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they, or someone appointed by themare in attendance for vets and farriers. All Liveries are responsible for making sure that their horses are properly fed and provided hay regularly throughout the day. It is theowner’s responsibility to purchase all feed, hay and bedding.
3. We will include your horse in our own worming programme and you will be informed asto when this will be. This will be added onto your invoice on the month after your horse was wormed.
4. Livery fees are taken in advance & are strictly due by the 10th day of each month. Thisfee includes the use of the stable, the indoor & outdoor arena, wash area and a shared winter and summer field all year round. If your livery fees are unpaid by the 1st of the following month you will incur a charge of £1 a day until the bill is settled. Following non payment of invoice it is at Woodredon’s discretion to enforce power of sale and sell your horse and tack to a third party to redeem any costs outstanding.
5. All bedding and hay must be kept in your allocated area, not outside your stable. Please note that any non-payment of livery fees (despite two warnings), will result in the client being asked to leave & their property or horse will become the “Right to Lien” until all debts are paid.
6. Although every effort will be made to enable horses to graze all year round, Woodredon Equestrian Centre reserves the right to withdraw grazing during adverse weather conditions to protect the paddocks. Hay must not be put in the paddocks at any time.
7. Fields must be regularly poo picked to ensure they stay worm free.
8. All horses must be insured by the owner for damage to third parties at least.
9. All tack, rugs and equipment must be kept in the tack room provided or taken home.
10. All clients are responsible for labelling and marking their belongings. Woodredon Equestrian Centre will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the client’s items on the premises. This includes any ‘lorries or horse boxes stored in the yard’s parking facilities. Clients are strongly advised to insure their personal riding equipment against loss, damage and theft.
11. All damage to the yard’s property including your horses stable, will be charged to you apart from general wear and tear.
12. While all necessary safety precautions are taken Woodredon Equestrian Centre cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage or injury to horses/ponies kept in livery, irrespective of cause. BHS guidelines do not allow horses to be tied up
outside stables when the yard is being used by more than one person in order to prevent potential injury. Therefore Woodredon Equestrian Centre highly recommends that horses should be tied up inside the stable during grooming etc. when available. Furthermore it is a health and safety requirement that NO hay nets should be tied on stable doors, neither inside nor outside the stable.
13. The owner must notify the proprietor and other yard users of any unusual or dangerous characteristics that the horse/pony may have. Woodredon Equestrian Centre has the right to refuse admittance deemed a risk to other yard users, and reserves the right to remove any horse deemed dangerous immediately.
14. NO SMOKING will be permitted in the stable yard at any time. People wishing to smoke must do so on the outside of the gated entrance only.
15. All lights must be switched off after use and all gates kept closed out of hours. The main metal gate must be closed securely by the last person leaving the yard.
16. Unless previously arranged please adhere to the hours of 6.30am and 9pm.
17. Woodredon Equestrian Centre reserves the right to treat the horse or call the vet in emergencies, on behalf of the client if the emergency contact is unavailable.
18. All clients appreciate a tidy yard and thus everyone must work together to keep the yard clean at all times. Your stable area must be swept at all times and wheelbarrow covers must be used when transporting muck to the muck heap. All stable area walkways must be clear at all times.
19. All feed rooms and hay areas must be regularly swept by yourselves to eliminate slipping over and rodent infestation. Ensure all feed bin lids are always secure and doors are closed.
20. Please be aware that children/ animals are on this yard & there is a speed restriction of five miles per hour.
21. Horseboxes and Lorries can be stored in the car park at the bottom of the yard; however this must be arranged in advance. The cost per lorry/ trailer is £20.00 per calendar month and you must stable your horse on the premises. Parking and storage is provided entirely at your own risk.
22. All muck should be put on the muck heap including droppings that your horse has done on the yard. Droppings must not be kicked onto the grass verge or thrown into the field. All baler twine and wood chip bags should be put in the bins provided. All mucking out equipment should be keep in specified place shown by the yard or in your allocated tack locker. NOT outside your stable.
23. The muck heaps must be forked up at all times and each time you empty your barrow.
24. Muck buckets must be emptied of any muck at all times and never left outside the stables.
25. Owners are responsible for removing the droppings from the paddock on a regular basis. This is extremely important & in your horses best interest.
26. Well-behaved dogs are permitted on the yard but must be kept under control & on a lead at all times. Please clear up after your dog(s) by putting the muck on the muck heap.
27. Any additional services are provided by Linda and Tina/Peter. Their livery service invoice is payable to them on a weekly basis, unless other arrangements have been made.
28. Jumps must be cleared away after use.
29. The use of arena’s & wash box are included in your livery & are used at your own risk. Any damage to any of the above facilities may lead to the offending livery owner paying for the repairs. Clients must clean up after their horse straight after using these facilities, including on the yard and whilst walking across. If clients fail to do so the yard will clear the droppings & you will be charged £5.00 per pile.
30. The pens are available for everyone’s use. Due to a limited amount of pens these are purely used as a short term turnout whilst mucking out. Please be courteous towards other liveries and do not go off site whilst your horse is using them.
31. Any client found ill-treating any horse/pony or causing a nuisance to other yard users may be asked to leave the yard immediately.
32. Electricity for lighting in the stables, arenas and storage sheds is included in the livery
fee. Please be courteous & turn off after use.
33. This agreement may be terminated by one calendar months’ notice by either party.
34. On arrival Woodredon Equestrian Centre will raise you an invoice for £100. This is a fully refundable deposit for the repair and maintenance of your stable. If you do decide to leave, the stable must be left in the exact same way it is given to you. i.e. freshly painted with any repairs being mended and cleaned out underneath the mats.
35. Woodredon Equestrian Centre recommends that all clients should wear appropriate riding gear including properly fitting hats to the current approved standard when riding. (PAS015)
36. No bedding is allowed to be brought in from any outside suppliers.
37. All bedding requirements are invoiced in advance and delivered to your allocated area on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please email the office before the end of each month if you wish your bedding requirements to alter. Any alterations throughout the month will be taken off the following month.

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