[highlight align=”center” style=”different”]Located in Epping Forest, we have 45 acres of pristine land within the forest and countryside. ¬†Woodredon Equestrian Centre is a purpose built, family run, riding school and livery yard, offering a professional and friendly service. Livery at Woodredon is a five star experience for you and your horse. Our high quality facilities and comprehensive livery service means there are livery options which will suit any horse and owner. We offer a DIY package (highlighted below), invoiced monthly, and an in house livery service which is available seven days a week, invoiced weekly.[/highlight]

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[pricing-row]DIY PACKAGE:[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Fully rubber matted stable[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Water (automatic drinkers)[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Use of Indoor and Outdoor Schools[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Tack Storage Area[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Rug Storage Area[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Hay/Feed Storage Area[/pricing-row]

[pricing-row]Use of Turnout Facilities[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Wash Down Area[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Fully Qualified Instructors on Site[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]Lorry and Trailer Parking in a secure area[/pricing-row]
[pricing-row]You can purchase your own hay and feed from your chosen supplier but bedding must be bought from us[/pricing-row]
[pricing-footer][button link=”http://www.woodredon.co.uk/contact/” size=”small, medium, large, extra-large” title=”Add a Button Title”] Enquire Now [/button][/pricing-footer]
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